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How to Clean Your Truck Mattress

Clean truck bed mattress

A clean truck sleeper mattress provides night after night of comfortable rest. Weekly maintenance and professional mattress cleaning services are both effective ways to keep your mattress fresh when you are on the road. Regular Maintenance Regular cleaning is the simplest way to keep your mattress comfortably clean. Use a battery powered, hand held vacuum […]

Top 3 Reasons You Need to Use a Mattress Protection Pad

Replacement mattress, mattress protector, throw blanket and pillows

Whether you’re buying it for your sofa, camper or boat, a replacement mattress is an investment, and as with all investments, you want to protect it.  Normal everyday use can wear on a sofa, RV, or boat mattress, shortening its lifespan and decreasing the comfort. These misfortunes can easily be avoided by using a quality […]

How To Clean Your Replacement Mattress

White, clean linen on bed

Your new replacement mattress has been working out well  on your sofa or in your RV and boat, giving you a plush area to lay down after a long day. Both home mattresses, but especially marine and camper mattress models are often subjected to more wear and stains. From camping to boating, mattresses may accumulate […]