5 Ways to Get Better Sleep Recommended for at Least 38% of Americans

Graphs and charts about sleeping problems experienced by Americans

We recently conducted a survey with the goal to investigate how many Americans suffer from more or less severe sleeping issues and specifically what sleeping issues do our nation’s residents experience. Below are the main findings of our survey:


1. Main sleeping problems experienced by Men

Chart of sleeping problems experienced by men


2. Main sleeping problems experienced by Women

Chart of sleeping problems experienced by women


3. Don’t have sleeping problems by respondent’s Age

Chart of sleeping problems by age


4. Don’t have sleeping problems by Urban Density

Chart of sleeping problems by urban density


5. Don’t have sleeping problems by respondent’s Income

Chart of sleeping problems by income


There are an array of reasons why people have trouble finding the right amount of rest they need for healthy brain function and focus. These troubles with sleeping not only cause certain medical challenges like hypertension, but they can disrupt the flow of healthy efforts in work and personal relationships. With the objective of keeping well rested for a full life and healthy body, below are some ways to get better sleep in the case of the main problems identified by our research.


1. Trouble Falling to Sleep
If difficulty falling into a daze is the major issue hindering your sleep from a full six to eight hours of rest, then it may be helpful to consider the environment where you usually sleep. Constant irritations like light and noise can disrupt your intention to rest soundly even when adequate time has been reserved to do so.

The first step to actually sleeping is falling into the uninterrupted state where minds usually dream. It is therefore important to make sure that a sleeping environment itself is relaxing. This will include the right mattress for comfort (especially if you’re sleeping on a sofa bed mattress, in which case feeling the bar is a common concern) with additional efforts like quietness, darkness, or a warm bath or shower to help relax one’s body.


2. Snoring
For some particular cases, snoring will disable a restful mind from keeping the state of peace needed the whole night through. This is an issue that can lead to sleep apnea likely to affect the person with it or their spouse (please ask for the advice of a doctor if the problem persists). When the body has trouble breathing, it can immediately shock a person out of sleep with a stint of confusion while also disabling a partner in bed from finding silence. As usually, snoring is aggravated when you sleep on your back, a quality foam mattress can also help bring some comfort, as it will help you find a comfortable spot when sleeping on your side (you will love the sensation of being embraced by the soft and malleable material of comforting foam).


3. Daytime Grogginess
It may be common to feel slightly groggy during the day, but this isn’t ideal nor necessary. If your mattress is more than 7 years old for example, a replacement mattress might be needed to help you find the suitable comfort needed to ensure that the body is actually receiving quality rest (quality is at least as important as quality where sleeping is concerned). When the body is fidgeting and restless, it doesn’t find the right inactivity to recuperate the way it needs to. Foam mattresses are great for accommodating various body positions into a stable, relaxing sleep.


4. Morning Pains
The obstacle of waking up with pain are of two hindering folds. It can be an immediate sign of an aged mattress in need of replacement, and the discomfort it brings is likely to persist if you sit at a desk for hours per day. The sitting position is actually counterintuitive to the human physiology, and it doesn’t help to return home for potential rest on faulty bedsprings or a poor quality sofa bed mattress. Maintaining the firmness of any sleeping platform is important with new purchases and a quality made mattress that will last a lifetime.


5. Partners and Their Sleeping Habits
Sure, relationships are give-or-take, but it is down-right unacceptable when challenging nights go without attempting to correct any sleep depriving issues. Sleep is important for all people and spouses should share the effort of making sure that each has a good-night’s rest. When one partner tosses and turn too often, there are at least two reasonable remedies you should try before opting for separate bedrooms.


An option can be to attempt increasing the size of a mattress, which would allow you and your spouse more space. In addition, a foam mattress will allow a spouse to toss and turn without causing too much vibration for their partners to be aroused from sleep.


The emphasis on sleep’s importance cannot be overstressed. From altering the environment where sleeping takes place to finding a well made and suitable mattress, it is always worth the effort to get the necessary rest needed to cope with the draining efforts of life.