Replacing the Simmons Sofa Bed Mattress

The Simmons sleeper sofa is a good looking and useful piece of furniture that works well for many homes. However, some of you might not be pleased with the quality and comfort of the original sofa bed mattress that comes with the piece itself. Some of the issues you might have experienced are due to construction, materials, and comfort. Keep reading to find out more about the options for replacing the original mattress and why it is worth your time to consider a better replacement option.

The Original Simmons Sofa Bed Mattress

One of the most important things to consider if you own a Simmons hide a bed mattress is its comfort. But you might find that the original mattress included is not the best and has problems with quality and materials. The original mattress for a Simmons sofa bed will usually be the Beautysleep or Beautyrest. There are some cases where it may be a Gel mattress as well. The Beautysleep mattress is made from a coil type construction. This model isn’t the best option and the person using the mattress is going to feel uncomfortable. This is because due to the limitation in terms of sofa mattress thickness, there isn’t much padding between the coils and the person sleeping on top. The Beautyrest style mattress is a step up in quality with its individually wrapped pocket coils, but it still suffers from a lack of proper support and protection from the inner coils (due to the same reasons). When it comes to the gel foam mattress, it is hard to tell what you are getting. There isn’t mention of thickness or which materials are used to create the mattress. Customers just don’t know what they are getting with a gel foam mattress. So, when is it time to replace your Simmons pull out bed mattress? If you begin to notice that your mattress is uncomfortable and you develop back pain or neck pain, this is a sign to replace your mattress. Other things that can make a replacement necessary is weight loss or gain, allergies, and the addition of a sleeping partner. Consider replacing the sofa bed mattress if you notice any odors or if there is a case of bed bugs.

How to Replace Your Sleeper Sofa Mattress?

First of all, you should decide what type of replacement mattress you should buy. Some of the top Simmons brands sold in the past include Beautyrest and Beautysleep, but as this article explained, innerspring mattresses are not the best choice for sofa beds. A high-density foam mattress is the best option. It gives total comfort and support without lumps from coils or areas without support. A latex mattress is also a good choice but they can be very expensive. To measure for a replacement mattress for a sofa bed first measure the frame of the sofa bed and not the old mattress. Also, you want to measure the top and bottom folding portion at the crease with the old mattress still in place, in order to determine the maximum thickness your mechanism can support (it’s usually 4″ or 5″, but measure just to be sure). We at can provide you with any size Simmons sofa bed mattress. Simply provide us with the measurements and we can match you with the right size. We have the quality products you need to get a good night’s sleep. Check out our models and you can order any size mattress in less than 5 minutes:
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