Should You Use a Regular Bed Mattress as an RV Mattress?

Motorhome interior with RV mattress

The short answer is no. When you need to replace a camper or RV mattress, it is important to get something that is especially designed for this use, as the shape, size, thickness, weight and other characteristics of a regular mattress aren’t quite fitting for a camper. While it might be tempting to get a mattress intended for a regular bed. Below are the main reasons why this is not a good idea:

RV Mattress Shape

One of the most common problems that you will likely encounter if you try to purchase a typical mattress designed for home use is that it won’t fit in the space you have in your trailer, RV or camper. Many times, an RV mattress will have a corner or two cut out or the mattress will have very specific dimensions and contours that you just won’t find in a regular mattress.

Mattress Size

Besides the shape of the replacement mattress, the size can be a deal breaker as well. Mattresses built for the home can usually be found in less than a dozen standard sizes, the ones below being the most frequent:
– 39in x 75in (Twin)
– 39in x 80in (Twin XL)
– 48in x 75in (3/4 mattress)
– 54in x 75in (Full)
– 60in x 80in (Queen)
– 66in x 80in (Super Queen)
– 60in x 75in (Short Queen)
– 76in x 80in (King)
– 72in x 84in (California King)
On the other hand, there aren’t really “standard sizes” for rectangular camper mattresses, (and certainly not for cut corner mattresses). Therefore, your best bet when looking for a replacement RV mattress is to actually measure the platform the mattress will sit atop, and order accordingly.

Camper Mattress Thickness

Additionally, when you use a regular household mattress, chances are you will get something that is too thick to fit your space requirements. This is especially true if you have a pop-up trailer and need something with a fairly low profile or if the mattress is going to be used on a bunk bed in a camper or RV. Even if you are able to find a mattress that has the correct dimensions for your bed, chances are there will still be problems fitting your exact space requirements.

Mattress Weight

Depending upon the dimensions and materials used in regular mattresses, these items can weigh anywhere from 55 pounds (twin) to over 180 pounds (king.) When it comes to driving your mattress around the country, every pound counts! For this reason, light RV mattresses made from foam are preferred.  Foam mattresses typically weigh less than their metallic innerspring mattress counterparts of the same size.  They’re also easier to maneuver around in the camper, and are shipped rolled up for easy deployment once the package is inside your motor home. (Don’t worry, the mattress will regain its normal shape within a couple of hours, depending on the quality of the foam). Finally, compact and lighter mattresses are much easier to deploy when they need to be lifted above your head, as is the case of bunk beds and overhead cabs.

Motorhome Mattress Characteristics

Another concern when contemplating the use of a regular mattress as a replacement for a camper mattress is that mattresses designed for home use are not built to withstand the rigors of being used in a trailer or RV. They are typically made from materials that will not hold up well in the heat, cold or fluctuating extreme conditions that typically exist inside an RV or camper. A quality camper mattress is made out of materials designed to hold up even under the conditions typically found in this type of environment. Many home mattresses, especially memory foam mattresses, will lose their temperature sensibility when subjected to temperatures below standard room temperature. This can lead to premature deterioration and other problems.

Foam mattresses are often used for an RV or trailer mattress because the foam that is used in manufacturing these mattresses will be able to withstand the extreme temperatures often found in recreational vehicles. Additionally, foam is not only fire retardant, but it is resistant to mold and mildew something that is common in vehicles that are left unoccupied for many months. Of course, mattresses built specifically for these vehicles will also have ticking that is designed to withstand the temperatures and humidity commonly found in vehicles stored in the off-season.

If you’re looking for a replacement mattress for your RV, trailer or camper, even if you need a custom size, you can find one at an affordable price. We have several models that are available in standard and custom sizes (rectangular or cut corners), Check them out below!


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