Just want to thank you for our great sofa bed mattress, all i can say is WOW! I was amazed at the quality of the material What great quality and attention to details. The picture in your web sight does not do justice to your mattresses.We needed a custom size for sofa bed in our motorhome, we bought the premium, and with the help of Louis who talked us over the phone on how to measure it was a perfect fit, and folded in the sofa bed no problem.Even with all the snow storms you were having up there, we got our mattress within ten days!What a GREAT COMPANY with Great Employees! Keep up the great work, would highly recommend your company any day.

Karen Mockel

Thank you Louis! I just received our new sofa mattress today. Please feel free to include the review below on your web site.

For those looking to purchase a new mattress for their home, these mattresses are great! We purchased a platinum pad for our sofa bed about a year ago. Before this purchase, I was unable to sleep on our sofa bed without waking up with a sore back. This new pad made world of difference – no more soreness in the morning! Having just been diagnosed with a herniated disk, I just purchased a second platinum pad for on top of our normal queen size mattress in our bedroom. It gives me just the right support, without being too firm or too squishy. My wife has been sleeping on a 2” Tempurpedic pad that I had to cut it in half because I felt I was sleeping in quicksand and ended up waking up with a sore back.

Louis and Larry are GREAT to work with and very accommodating too! After placing my second order on-line, I wanted to change the order to a full-size queen, instead of just fitting on half of my existing mattress. I called the following morning and Louis took care of the changes, no questions asked! We received the custom order mattress in 5 days!

Thanks again Louis for all of your help! Here’s looking to getting a good night’s sleep again!

Dave Schulte

Hi Louis, The mattress arrived yesterday and we put it in the RV today. It fits perfect. I think we have a winner. Great support as a bed as well as a sofa. It all works as you promised. Thank you, John

John H.

Thanks so much for the great service. The mattress arrived already, 2 days earlier than you said. What nice surprise. Can't wait to put it on the sofa sleeper and try it out.

Jim Baugh

We wanted to acknowledge the arrival of the sofa-bed mattress referenced above, and to thank you for the rapid response. We are quite pleased with the quality — just what we needed. And the mattress was quite ingeniously packaged — arrived in perfect condition!

Edwin – Portland, OR

Dear Mattress Guy:
I recently inherited a sofa sleeper that needs a new mattress. I picked the brains of all the local mattress store representatives; only one gave me truly useable information.

So I went online and found your website. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the humor, I learned a lot, and discovered the "smart" local mattress guy really knew his stuff.

I didn't expect the replacement mattress to be quite this expensive (I want the Platinum model), but I can guarantee you as soon as I order, it will be from you (I also need an odd size replacement). Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! I'll be haunting you again in the near future.

Sharon Wickerham

We received our mattress this afternoon and unwrapped it and put it on the bed frame. The fit is perfect and the comfort level is fantastic...! We are very happy that we found you and with the ease of ordering and dealing with you. Rest assured that we will be giving out your information to anyone that is having issues with their RV Mattress! We will be leaving for our first overnight trip on Sunday and are really looking forward to a comfortable night's sleep. Thank you so much.

David & Dianne Kraus

Dear Mr. Weiss,
Thank you, thank you and thank you again. The replacement mattress arrived on Friday, an hour before my relative arrived and I just want you to know how appreciative my family and I are for your quick response to our plea for assistance. I spoke at length with Mr. Lewis Leibowitz last Sunday evening and he was kind enough and patient enough to walk me through the steps of measuring the sofa bed to ensure that we got the right mattress. Your quick response and concern to our problem and Mr. Leibowitz follow through has made the task ahead of us much easier and removed the stress that had been facing us. Once again, I thank the both of you and you can rest assured that I will continue to sing your praises to thers who have doubts about American companies holding their own in this global economy. Best regards,

Jerry L. Drew

It arrived today, it fits perfectly, and it’s wonderfully comfortable—thank you so much again!

Sheila Schwartz

Upon first glance at the replacement mattress rolled up, we thought there was no way it could be a full size mattress. It was compressed so neatly and small that we thought for sure it was a mattress topper or that some sort of mistake had been made. However, upon opening the mattress, we couldn't believe how big, soft, and comfortable it truly was. From the moment anyone laid down on the mattress, we physically could not pull ourselves from it. It was truly, unbelievably comfortable.

Frank Luongo