1. Our mattress protectors fit most commonly ordered RV, marine and sofa bed mattress sizes. The 360 degree, deep pocket elastic skirt design allows use on custom mattress sizes as well.

2. RV and marine mattresses measuring over 62″ will receive a king size mattress protector. This will fit loosely – as we do not offer a 65″ wide protector at this time. Please call us at (888) 889-2812 if you would like a different size of free mattress protector for use on another mattress in your boat, RV or home.

3. Please note that when ordering the replacement mattress you don’t have to include the mattress protector in your cart. Also, your free protector will be packed and shipped with your mattress (it won’t appear in your cart at the time of order).

4. This offer is available in every state.

5. The terrycloth mattress cover you will receive is waterproof and breathable. For more details regarding the mattress cover click here.