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Everything you need to know about sleeper sofa mattresses.

6 Tips to Decorate Your Sofa Bed for the Winter Holidays!

Decorated couch and fireplace next to Christmas Tree

Apart from applying the principles of feng-shui, a few decorative touches to your sofa bed can be a great way to make guests feel cozy and welcome this holiday season. Since family gatherings and late night parties are just around the corner, we at Replacement Mattress have begun thinking about the different ways to cheer […]

Which Sofa Bed Replacement Mattress is the Best for You?

Woman enjoying her new sofa bed mattress

The sofa bed is a great invention that provides space for overnight guests to sleep. It can give a room such as a den, office, or even a living room a dual purpose. It is a space saver for small apartments, boats, RVs, and other tight spaces. The convertible sofa bed provides seating during the […]

Firm or Supportive Sofa Bed Mattress?

Family members jumping on soft but supportive sleeper sofa mattress

So, you’re thinking about buying a replacement sofa bed mattress. When you talk about mattresses, words like support and firmness are always part of the discussion. Although the words may seem interchangeable, they mean very different things. Firmness is a preference, but support is a requirement. This is true no matter what type of mattress […]

Queen Sofa Bed Mattresses

Sofa bed with queen size mattress in open space living room

  PLATINUM 4″ Sofa Bed Mattress (4″) You’ll never feel the bar! 4-inches thick Maximum foam (density: 2.5 lbs. per cu. ft.) Perfect choice for the heavyweight sleeper Available in common and custom sizes Starting at $345 Buy Now   GOLD 4″ Sofa Bed Mattress (4″) Sleep soundly 4-inches thick High-quality foam (density: 1.8 lbs. […]

When Do You Actually Need a Custom Sofa Bed Mattress?

Custom sofa bed mattress examples

Sofa beds come in many different sizes, styles, and shapes. Therefore, standard mattress sizes won’t always fit with the sofa bed you own. If your sofa bed has is a non-standard size, is intended for an RV, or has a unique shape, then it will require a custom sofa bed mattress. When the Sofa Bed […]

RV Sofa Bed Mattresses: What’s the Deal With Them Anyway?

Sofa beds in a motorhome

It’s hard enough to get a good night’s sleep when traveling in a motorhome, but compound onto all the other problems — like unusual sounds, irregular and abnormal diet, and anticipation for the next day’s travels — a poor RV sofa bed mattress, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for an uncomfortable trip. But, what […]

Cheap Sofa Bed Mattress (or How to Save Money on a Sofa Mattress Replacement)

Save money on your next sofa bed mattress purchase

When you are looking to replace your mattress with an affordable sofa bed mattress that will meet your needs can be easy once you know some tricks. You don’t have to spend over your budget to avoid feeling those uncomfortable sofa bars. Follow these helpful tips to find the right replacement mattress for you. Where […]

How To Measure a Sofa Bed Mattress

Tape measure for measuring sofa bed mattress size

When the time comes to replace your sofa bed mattress, you may be confused as to the best size to buy. Take accurate measurements before you start shopping to ensure that you end up with the perfect mattress for your sofa bed. Measure the frame that supports the sofa mattress. Measure both the length and […]

Shopping for a Sofa Bed? Check Out These 5 Details Nobody Else Told You About

Surprised girl

Sofa beds serve two important purposes in homes and can provide a space to lounge or sleep each day. They’re ideal for guest rooms or family rooms where visitors can stay and enjoy a comfortable place to rest. When shopping for a sofa bed, there are a few important details that are easy to overlook […]

Sofa Bed Mattresses and the Science Behind Not Feeling the Bar

Couple happily resting on their sofa bed mattress

Sofa beds are an excellent addition to any home: whether you frequently host guests or you enjoy reclining and watching a good movie every once in a while, a comfortable sofa bed improves the hosting capacity of any dwelling and turns your living room into a more versatile space. Unfortunately, there are so many different […]