Winnebago Mattress

Traveling with a Winnebago RV

There is no recreational vehicle that is more popular than the Winnebago. First manufactured in 1966, it has grown into one of the top travel trailers in the world. Interior construction varies from the different models however, especially in the design of its beds. These beds come in various sizes, which require different size mattresses. […]

Our Top 5 Picks of RV Innovations of this Decade

RVs are used throughout the year by 30M travel enthusiasts who enjoy spending time on the open road. Over the years, the innovations of RVs have continued to evolve and increase the appeal of campers. When it comes to embracing the latest features, there are a few top innovations that have been released in the […]

6 Must-Read Books About the RV Lifestyle and Full-Time RVing

Woman reading a book in a van

If you’re like many people, you’ve seen motorhomes on the road and wondered what it would be like to spend an extended summer vacation touring the country in an RV. Or if you’ve already been on several RV trips (maybe even own an RV), I bet the thought of selling/renting your house and embracing the […]

Cheap RV Mattress (or How to Save Money on a Replacement RV Mattress)

Save money on your RV mattress to have more money for travel

Deciding on an RV mattress can be a big decision. When sleeping in an RV, comfort is key. The entire purpose of RVing is to enjoy the great outdoors, while maintaining some of the comforts of home.  You’ll probably want to sleep on a comfortable mattress that won’t cost you a fortune, so we’re sharing […]

Looking for a Keystone RV Mattress?

Keystone RV

Replacing a Keystone RV mattress for a bed or sleeper sofa may seem like a difficult problem, but we have the simple solution. We can replace any mattress, regardless of its size, and ordering is easy through our online store. See our Keystone models below. Keystone Mattress Dimensions Our mattresses fit in Cougar, Montana, Outback […]

Jayco Mattress Replacement

Woman in Jayco trailer drinking coffee in the morning

Love everything about your Jayco RV except the mattress? Even on the high end models, standard camper mattresses can be thin and frankly just not comfortable to sleep on. Finding the perfect replacement to insure a quality night’s sleep is not as difficult as it might seem. At, we offer Jayco mattress replacements in […]

Full Size Sleeper Sofa Mattresses

Sofa bed with full size mattress

  PLATINUM 4″ Sofa Bed Mattress (4″) You’ll never feel the bar! 4-inches thick Maximum foam (density: 2.5 lbs. per cu. ft.) Perfect choice for the heavyweight sleeper Available in common and custom sizes Starting at $345 Buy Now   GOLD 4″ Sofa Bed Mattress (4″) Sleep soundly 4-inches thick High-quality foam (density: 1.8 lbs. […]