Stay Safe in Your RV While You Sleep

Parked trailer at night with two chairs in front and outdoor lights turned on

Many RV campers automatically presume that staying in public areas prevents crime. However, this concept is far from the truth. Victims of camping crimes are often shocked that the unthinkable happened. The U.S. National Park Service reports that between 2002 and 2007, the list of crimes included 37 kidnappings, 63 homicides, 240 rapes, 309 robberies […]

How to Store Your RV or Marine Mattress

Couple having fun while packing away their RV mattress

There are several things you can do to protect your marine and RV mattress and keep it in good working order while it is being stored off-season. In order to keep your mattress in tip-top shape for longer, keep the following tips in mind when storing your camper or boat mattress. 1. Make sure your […]

Should You Use a Regular Bed Mattress as an RV Mattress?

Motorhome interior with RV mattress

The short answer is no. When you need to replace an RV mattress, it is important to get something that is especially designed for this use, as the shape, size, thickness, weight and other characteristics of a regular mattress aren’t quite fitting for a camper. While it might be tempting to get a mattress intended […]

Top 3 Reasons You Need to Use a Mattress Protection Pad

Replacement mattress, mattress protector, throw blanket and pillows

Whether you’re buying it for your sofa, camper or boat, a replacement mattress is an investment, and as with all investments, you want to protect it.  Normal everyday use can wear on a sofa, RV, or boat mattress, shortening its lifespan and decreasing the comfort. These misfortunes can easily be avoided by using a quality […]

Replacement Mattresses Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Measuring tape and folding ruler

When you need to replace a mattress in your bedroom, you can easily locate many options by visiting a local mattress or furniture store.  These beds may have different materials and top options, but they generally only available in the same standard sizes.  Therefore, it’s easy to find a quality mattress for your home use […]

9 Point Checklist on How to Choose an RV Mattress

Couple writing their checklist to buy a camper mattress

When choosing a mattress for your RV, it’s important to take several things into account. For instance, you wouldn’t want to buy the wrong size mattress.. Whether you need a small camper mattress or an RV bunk mattress, these principles still apply. By following this simple checklist, you can ensure you get the right size […]