Looking for a Keystone RV Mattress?

Replacing a Keystone RV mattress for a bed or sleeper sofa may seem like a difficult problem, but Replacement-Mattress has the simple solution. We can replace any mattress, regardless of its size, and ordering is easy through our online store, www.replacement-mattress.com. Read on!

Keystone Mattress Dimensions

Couple sleeping on Keystone mattressOur mattresses fit in Cougar, Montana, Outback and other Keystone RV models. Because the dimensions of queen-size, king-size and bunk beds vary among recreational-vehicle floor plans; and because sleeper sofa sizes differ;it’s best if you measure the metal bed frame you will use for your RV or sleeper sofa mattress. Measuring the mattress that you want to replace may not be accurate. The bed frame measurement is much more critical. A mattress made for a 50-by-65-inch bed frame, for example, will not properly fit on a smaller or larger frame. To determine correct mattress size, measure the width of the bed frame between the two outermost parallel supports. If a measurement includes a fraction, then round it downward. For example, 50 1/2 inches rounds down to 50 inches.

RV Mattress Types

A high-density polyurethane foam mattress offers the best quality for the price when compared to latex and innerspring mattresses. An additional benefit of the foam mattress is that it is rolled for shipping, making it easier than an innerspring to get it into your Keystone RV.
We offer 5 or 8 inches thick camper mattresses. Our 5-inch model is ideal as an RV bunk bed mattress. If you prefer a thicker 8-inch mattresses, we have two different models available. One is only high-density polyurethane foam (Princess model), but the plusher option includes a 2 1/2-inch cushion of luxurious memory foam on polyurethane foam base (Empress model). All our trailer mattresses are manufactured with high-density foam (1.8 pounds of density per cubic foot), for lasting quality and support. The foam mattress’ cover or ticking is quilted damask on its sleeping side and we provide a non-skid material on the opposite side.
Our Keystone RV mattress options extend to the corners. Rectangular corners and cut corners (one cut corner or symmetrical cut corners) are simple to select and order using our online shop. If you need a Keystone RV mattress with radius corners, or have a similar special request, then please call us at our toll-free number, 888-889-2812, or email us at sales@replacement-mattress.com.

Sleeper Sofa Mattress Options for Your Keystone RV

Besides the right length and width for a sleeper sofa mattress, having the right thickness is essential, as it must be thin enough to fit doubled-up inside the sofa bed mechanism. With your current mattress in place, fold your sleeper sofa’s frame to close it part way, and then measure the space between the frame sections at the point where the mattress folds or bends. Your new mattress cannot be more than one-half of that measurement.
Sleeper sofa mattresses are commonly 4 or 5 inches thick. Our versions are made of the same high-density polyurethane foam as our RV bed mattresses and have a non-quilted covering that helps to prevent shifting and other issues. We don’t offer memory foam sofa bed mattresses (we explained why in detail here), as including a memory foam layer in a 4 or 5-inch sleeper sofa mattress would not allow its polyurethane foam portion to be deep enough to provide adequate support. Topper pads made of memory foam, however, can still be used on our sleeper sofa mattresses.
Have any other questions related to your replacement Keystone RV mattress? We are at your disposal! Call us, email us or leave a comment below.




10 thoughts on “Looking for a Keystone RV Mattress?

  1. I am looking for a queen size folding mattress for the 2005 keystone zeppelin 2 travel trailer. Any recommendations? I am also looking for all 4 cushions for the dinette seats.

  2. I have a 2017 keytstone Hideout LHS21. It has a murphy bed so the mattress folds up. Do you have a folding 8 inch memeory foam mattress?

    • Hi Donna, thank you for reaching out. We contacted the manufacturer to get the specifications on the mattress height, as we’re not sure it will accept an 8″ mattress. We’re waiting on a response from a representative that can answer questions about the murphy bed We’ll keep you updated.

  3. Looking for queen mattress issued with 2012 Passport 195RB.

    Mattress was not very thin but was lightweight enough to make it easy to lift bed to access storage area under the bed.

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