Jayco Mattress Replacement

Love everything about your Jayco RV except the mattress? Even on the high end models, standard camper mattresses can be thin and frankly just not comfortable to sleep on. Finding the perfect RV mattress replacement to insure a quality night’s sleep is not as difficult as it might seem. At Replacement-Mattress.com, we offer Jayco mattress replacements in a wide variety of styles and options to fit any model.

Drawing of a Jayco trailerJayco Mattress Types and Sizes

Jayco offers camping trailers, travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth wheels as well as Class A and C RVs in a wide variety of styles and floorplans. The majority of Jaycos feature standard size trailer mattresses. Most Jayco travel trailers, such as the Jay Feather, Jay Flight and White Hawk, offer the queen short (60” x 74”) mattress. Some of the Jayco models, such as the Eagle Fifth Wheel, are available with an RV king mattress (80” X 74”). Other size options may be full (53” X 74”) or twin (38” X 74”). Bunk mattresses come in a variety of dimensions ranging from 28” X 74“ to 42” X 80”.

Accurate Measurements are Essential

To assure a correct fit of the replacement mattress, it is essential that you obtain accurate measurements. We are happy to assist you in obtaining precise measurements for your Jayco mattress. Due to variations in sizes, measure the mattress platform, not the old mattress itself and round down to the closest inch. Measure the width, length and height of your existing trailer mattress. You might want to allow an extra two to three inches to accommodate your bedding, especially if your mattress is in an enclosed space. If your mattress has cut corners or radius corners, be sure to measure the number and location of the cut or radius corners.

We can provide any RV mattress size and are happy to assist you in obtaining accurate measurements for your mattress. You can order mattresses with cut corners directly through our online shop, while you can use our custom mattress form to order a mattress with radius corners.

Types of RV Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are generally not recommended for replacements in an RV, as the weight and bulkiness make them difficult to manage within the RV. Foams mattresses are the best alternative. They arrive rolled up and are much easier to manipulate and install in your RV.

Additionally, there are several advantages to using foam mattresses in an RV. Whatever the size, shape or thickness needed, a foam mattress can be cut and customized to meet your needs. Look for a minimum of 1.8 density foam. In regard to the softness or firmness of the mattress, look for an Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) of 23-26 (23= softer, 26=harder).

For a plusher feel, choose a memory foam mattress. Memory foam is a top plush layer that is adhered to a support foam bottom. The support layer should be a minimum of four inches. Look for memory foam layers of at least two inches for the most comfort and a weight of two to four pounds.
Some Considerations
Be careful if you want to extend the length of your RV mattress (i.e. regular queen instead of short queen). Make sure you have sufficient clearance to accommodate the additional length or you may make it difficult to get around the bed. You may also have to replace or extend the length of your platform to hold a longer bed.

Along the same lines, it you have a Murphy-style bed configuration, a longer mattress may not fit within the frame of your bed or have adequate clearance at the top.
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