3 Tips for Sleeping with Pets

Girls playing with her pet dog in bed

When you have pets, it’s pretty difficult to get into bed without them crawling in behind you. On one hand, pets will often only sleep with other animals and humans they absolutely love and trust. On the other hand, sleeping with a pet can be downright impossible if you have allergies, asthma or a bed-hogging dog or cat. There are certain health risks and problems that come with sleeping with animals, but in case you absolutely cannot sleep without your pet being by your side, then there are also a couple of ways for you to reduce these effects so that your animal can still sleep with you and not be such a burden or health threat.

The Health Risks

There are several health risks that can come with sleeping with your pets. If you have a pet that is constantly outside, they could be carrying dirt, germs and bugs with them when they’re on the sofa mattress or in bed with you. Feces and urine can also be embedded on the animal’s paws, and this can easily transfer to your sheets and blankets with ease.

Also, people who have allergies or asthma may find it difficult to breathe easy at night. Even if you don’t have breathing problems like this, having an animal in the bed with you can result in a major sleep disturbance for you throughout the night, especially if you have a dog or cat that disturbs your sleep cycle by scratching or by hogging the bed.

How to Sleep with Pets in a Healthier Way

There are three main things you can and should do if you still would like to sleep with your pets without dealing with the health risks that come along with it. By following these three helpful tips, you’ll get a better night of sleep and not have to kick poor Fido out of the room you’re snoozing in.

1. The first tip is to ensure that they are properly groomed. Grooming and brushing your animals gets rid of excess and loose fur with dander. This can help to prevent or reduce the breathing problems you may be experiencing.

2. The second tip is to invest in a good quality couch mattress that is easy to clean and hypoallergenic. This will prevent dander and dust from embedding into the mattress itself, which can be the cause of breathing and skin problems. Also, if the sofa mattress is made out of quality foam that prevents motion transfer, then you might not be disturbed from your sleep when he/she hops on and off the sofa or starts scratching in the middle of the night.

3. If your pet loves to sleep on your pillow or towards the top of the bed with you, it might be beneficial to give them a really comfy blanket of their own at the end of the bed. This encourages them to sleep away from your face without necessarily kicking them off of the bed.

Sleeping with pets is something that millions of people do all over the world. It’s just something that comes naturally, but it can also come with some health risks as well. By encouraging a better night’s sleep for you and your pet, you’ll be able to enjoy each others’ company a bit more.