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Replacement Mattresses for Recreational Vehicles

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Freight Charge Only $40

Cloth mattress cover
pattern will vary.

Every sleeper sofa mattress made by us is made in America by American workers, and warranted for five years. Stock sizes ship in a week or less.
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The "Empress Mattress"
shown is our memory foam
laminated to a dense layer of
excellent quality Polyurethane Foam.

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Too often the bed in an recreational vehicle is uncomfortable, and it makes sense that it should be as good as the one on your bed at home.

Why not get a custom made one now, before the next nights uncomfortable sleep. We will make you one in about a week, often less. We will make it out of the very highest quality polyurethane foam, and cloth covering, and deliver it for surprisingly little money.

  • We will ship your mattress in about a week.
  • It will be of excellent quality.
  • It will be guaranteed.
  • It will be shipped express. ( FedEx, UPS )
  • It will fit your bed perfectly.
  • It will be happy in LasVegas in August, Prudhoe Bay in January.

To Begin: Click on the RV mattress configuration
You Need

Select this option for a rectangular beds ( those with no truncated corners, all four are 90 degrees. ).Rectangular
No Cut Corners
Select this option for a cut corner mattress ( those with one truncated corner, and three 90 degree corners. ).
Any One
Cutoff Corner

Because of the huge range of mattress sizes needed to satisfy RV requirements, All of our RV mattresses are custom made. We manufacture them from excellent quality urethane foam, and ship in about a week from order.

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